Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fucked in Hell

Not all depictions of hell are depressing!
Artist unknown.


I don't know who this artist is but I do think they have great potential. This photo has been modified slightly from the original but still contains many of the artists original details. Here we have a "young" schoolgirl being punished by a nun and perhaps a priest? You can see her school backpack against the wall along with a ruler we presume the nun used either to smack the girl across the hand or maybe to measure that impressive cock being shoved in her face.

The Young Witches

The Young Witches series by F. Solano Lopez and Barreiro promises something good but doesn't quite deliver most of the time. Both are excellent artists in their own right and there are briefs moments in the story where someone seeking some blasphemous porn might get a rise such as a simple scene of a coven of witches holding hands in episode one (seen below).

Now if they just summoned up something wickedly evil from hell and fucked it, we'd be happy!

Unfortunately, there is no real hint of blasphemy until episode 2 where we have a teaser perhaps in a few scenes involving a witch having sex with a snake (see below). In occult circles, the snake is revered as a creature of great wisdom which harkens back to the popularized story of Eve who is deceived by a wiley serpent later identified as the devil himself. In this light, the scenes in this episode could be viewed as an odd form of devil worship where witches have orgasms by making love to the devil in the form of a snake.

Toward the end we are teased once more by an "almost" great depiction of a nun getting group fucked by a couple of old men. Unfortunately for me, the scene is too brief and no one image jumps out as THE crowning moment of what could be a beautiful moment.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Nun - Milo Manara

Milo Manara is an artist who does not often delve into such naughtiness as found today in my review of "Le Tarot Erotique." This artbook, though in French, has a wonderful sacrilegious piece seen here of a nun showing us her nice trim bush - a bush just begging to be pounded. You can often find examples of Milo Manara's work through adult comic outlets, including or by peer to peer file sharing progams such as Bearshare or Limewire. Unfortunately, as I've said, Milo Manara does not typically offer this sort of theme so don't be surprised if you go looking just for sacrilegious porn. There are much better options for sacrilegious porn despite this being a worthy mention.